How animals saved me - about Old is a web site on which you can view amazing experiences with animals, or share your interactions with animals via our social network.

It may be as simple as sharing a favorite video of an animal doing something amusing. Or, it may be you want to make sure photos of your favorite pet are captured on the internet - even if your pet was doing something wild & crazy at the time!

Many of my fondest memories involve animals I’ve encountered, and the people who cared for them.

As a boy, I rode horses at a stable. As time went on, I owned my own. My first pony was Lightning, a Shetland pony, then Solar System, a spirited hackney show pony, and then Pretty Woman, a mischievous quarter horse named after the song by Roy Orbison. I also showed and exercised gaited horses in English saddle events, and sometimes rode in western events, too.

But there’s a lesson here. It’s called responsibility and self-reliance. My horses required so much of my time that I never had time to get into trouble. While friends began hanging out and flirting with juvenile delinquency, I had stay at the stable and work to help pay for boarding expenses. I did not have time to vandalize, drink, or do drugs because I was too busy curry-combing my horse, driving the manure spreader, or putting away tack. I didn’t know it at the time but the time the chores took for me to care and feed the animals at the stable, kept me from harm’s way, and taught me to be self-reliant and responsible.

My time at the stable also gave me a deep appreciation for all the inhabitants of farm: the horses, dogs, cats, sheep, peacocks, chickens, birds, mice, turtles, fish in the stream- you name it- I loved them all. You probably feel the same way too about the animals you’ve known and is the place for you to show your responsibility to the animal world- and to yourself- by the way you treat animals and other people.

B.W.S., Founder